Fantasy Football

Congratulations to Kevin Walters who won €1,000 for the August Fantasy Football
New fantasy football commenced in December 2013
''See below for latest list of who is left''  
Win €1000
Fantasy Football - .St Leonards FC organise the Fantasy Football Competition throughout the year. The last man standing wins € 1000. Seller wins €50
Please view the attachment below for the latest round team selections and the list of remaining entrants.
***Rule change - each person is allowed one draw. If your team draws you stay in the competition. (this can only happen once

·      Be the last person standing & Win €1000

·      Seller of winning entry will receive €50



For each round (midweek and weekend) of English Premiership fixtures you will select 1 team that you believe will win its game that weekend   If the team that you selected wins its game, you move on to the next week and choose a different team for that week.  Once you have selected a given team you may not use that team again for the remainder of this competition.

Should you pick a team who do not play due postponement, cancellation, abandonment in the league any weekend, your team will go through to the next round. However, selections must be made prior to announced postponement. You can’t pick a postponed team after the postponement has been announced. If the team that you select loses or draws its game, you are eliminated from the pool.

                                           For disputes arising, the committee's decision is final.

 If you cannot be contacted for a team selection, the next team (in alphabetical order) that you have not selected will be automatically selected for you. 


The deadline for entries is 12 o’clock noon on the day immediately before the next set of fixtures.  Otherwise you will be disqualified and money not refunded


Winner:  If after all other participants have been eliminated there is one person left, that person will win the entire pot OR on a particular week all remaining participants are eliminated, the pot will be divided equally among the remaining competitors.


Entry Fee:  The one time entry fee is €10.00 per selection. There is no limit to the amount of selections an entrant may have in the competition.


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